Faith, Hope and Love

Christian Ministries


Faith Hope and Love Announcements:


Special thanks to everybody that helped with our picnic last week.    We truly had a blessed time in the Lord.     


Choir rehearsal is Tuesday at 6pm.  Please be on time.   


Wednesday night Bible Study is at 7pm.  Read Exodus Chapters 32.   Everybody should attend Bible Study as often as you can.  However, Church leaders are required to attend on a regular basis.  


Prayer meetings are the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month at 6pm.  


The next WBWG meeting is June 23 at 12pm.  Sister Jeanette      Coleman will be the facilitator for this lesson.  All women and girls are highly encouraged to attend. 


Reminder to all participants in the Secret Sister gift exchange.  You should be bringing a gift for your secret sister on a regular basis.  You make leave it with the Pastor and it will be presented during service.


Our annual field trip to Magic Mountain is July 13th.  The estimated cost is $53 person.  You may make installment payments to the Pastor.  The cutoff to purchase tickets is July 7th.


Vacation Bible School will be held July 23rd through July 27th.  We need volunteers. 


Reminder:  By October 2018, we’re asking each family to contribute $1500 towards our building fund.


Other Announcements:

Agape Community Church will host their Pastor and Wife              Appreciation service today at 3:30pm.  The choir is asked to sing one selection.


Community Lighthouse Ministry Church Anniversary is June 24th at 4pm.  The choir is asked to sing one selection.


Three on three basket ball tournament on July 7th at Growing Valley Baptist Church.  There is a $50 registration fee.  Teams can win up to $500 per division.